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Video clips are of lifestyle slaves and personal friends of the Mistress. All subjects are over 21 years of age and have given their consent to appear on video.

Edmonton Dominatrix Website

Edmonton Dominatrix Website
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Edmonton Dominatrix and Mistress of Darque Asylum Fetish Studio

I am a wickedly playful domina, skilled in many aspects of bdsm, from erotic tease and denial to expert torture. My interests and talents are many including various degrees of bondage, medical fetish, pegging, electrical stimulation, forced bi, verbal and cuckold humiliation. I have an extensive fantasy wardrobe and footwear collection for myself and my precious sissies. My lovely feet are adored by many and I enjoy worship, massages and pedicures from my foot slaves. I am busty with a slender waist, sculpted stomach, shapely hips, powerful legs and a firm luscious ass . My natural measurements are 46-32-42 giving me an extreme hourglass figure and my strong, voluptuous body makes physically challenging sessions as easy as walking in 7 inch heels. I have enjoyed many scenes outside the realm of traditional domination and submission including, wrestling, tickle torture and shopping with my sissy girls. My style continues to evolve and the scene often depends on my mood and how the slave inspires me. I am selective and prefer seeing those who fuel the fires of my creativity and wickedness, so email me with one of your fantasies and if you can tempt me, I may choose to see you at my new Edmonton area location. Friends may call 780-392-9977 or email me at New clients are screened via the booking form on my site. My nightflirt hours are usually 10am to 2pm, Tuesday through Sunday and 10pm to 2am Monday through Thursday and rare weekends.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Edmonton Dominatrix - New Blog Location

When blogger policies take effect, you may still view my updates and clips on tumblr, instead of asking permission to be a reader of this private blog.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Edmonton Dominatrix - Blogger Policies

Blogger will no longer allow sexual explicit content to be public. You will have to contact me so that I can add you to the list of readers, if you wish to continue to view my free clips.  It will have to be a private blog in the future.  You have until March 23 to sign up as a member of this blog, otherwise you will have to ask to be added.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Edmonton Dominatrix - More Exercises in Humiliation

I received some interesting feedback after my last post.  Unfortunately there was no shortage of turds in the punch bowl during the month of October. I may elaborate on the more amusing ones, in a future post.  Until then, enjoy the show.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Edmonton Mistress - The Things We Deal With

Sometimes, I feel like I am being Punk'd.  A most undesirable excuse for a slave calls me, because my number appears in a Google search result.  He doesn't read my site (or even click on  it) and knows nothing about me or bdsm, for that matter, but he liked my name...lucky me.  I inform him that if he is looking for a strap on and pussy licking type of experience, then he should see a different type of service provider.  He swears that he is not.  His ability to follow instructions is zero.  He repeatedly calls, telling me he can't find my booking form and then clicks every word he likes...that is not a link to anything...while keeping me on the phone.  Is he a senior who is not familiar with technology???  Nope...30 something!  He finally sees the link to my booking form, hiding right in front of his face.  Oh goody, I can wait to see what it says! 

He writes that he wants to have sex, lick pussy, breast feed, play incest and get a little ball abuse.  He messages me on my yahoo, telling me that he was so happy that he found the checklist and was interested in vaginally fisting me and a bunch of other sex related crap.  Since the idiot doesn't have a vagina, he assumes that this means he gets to fist me and not that it may apply to female subs or couples who may be interested.  My site is clear about NO sexual contact with me and it even says that a checklist is NOT a list of services.  Can he read?  Does he have a tumor?  Did he eat lead paint chips as a child? Then, he approaches me for his cam interview and can't figure out how to click the "send cam" button.  I specifically tell him not to use video call and he keeps video calling me.  At this point, there is no need for an interview and I close my laptop.  The phone starts ringing again and I don't bother answering.  As much as I would love to refer this fucktard elsewhere, I just couldn't subject another woman to this.  I would have just ended up saying,  "I don't think that we are compatible, but there is one person that you really should go see...The Wizard...for a brain."