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Edmonton BDSM Mistress Diva Cane's Pro Dominatrix Website
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I am a wickedly playful mistress, skilled in many aspects of female domination, from tease and denial to expert torture. My interests and talents are many, including various degrees of bondage, device edging and milking, medical fetish, pegging, electrical stimulation, forced bi, verbal and cuckold humiliation. I have an extensive fantasy wardrobe and footwear collection for myself and my precious sissies. My lovely feet are adored by many and I enjoy worship, massages and pedicures from my foot slaves. I am busty with a slender waist, sculpted stomach, shapely hips, powerful legs and a firm luscious ass . My natural measurements are 48-32-46 giving me an extreme hourglass figure and my strong, voluptuous body makes physically challenging sessions as easy as walking in 7 inch heels. I have enjoyed many scenes outside the realm of traditional domination and submission including, wrestling, tickle torture and shopping with my sissy girls. My style continues to evolve and the scene often depends on my mood and how the slave inspires me. I am selective and prefer seeing those who fuel the fires of my creativity and wickedness. You may email me with one of your fantasies and if you can tempt me, I may choose to see you at my new Edmonton area location. Friends and previous guests of the mistress may text 587-400-3621 or email me at New applicants are screened via the form on my personal website.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Edmonton Mistresses - Double Mistress Session

You may have already met my guest domme, Veronica Glamazon. She is a stunning, tall, hourglass, brunette who likes to enflict mild to heavy pain. She enjoys fire play, whipping, paddling and hot wax. Your pleasure is not her concern. Advance notice is required for duos with her.

Edmonton Dominatrix - Forced Bi Scenes

For those of you who seek this type of role play, I have a some decently endowed options for you, depending on whether you prefer days or evenings. One day advance notice is preferred. Call or email me at

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lady Diva Cane's new website

I have updated my personal web site,, with all new photos and videos of my Alberta Fetish Studio. Don't forget my new email address is and my new contact number is 780-392-9977.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Edmonton Dominatrix Visiting During Calgary Stampede

I will be bringing some of my favourite toys on my trip to Calgary. Please email me at with your requests prior to my arrival. I should be there during Calgary Stampede week. This is my new rubber hood from studio gum. Have a look at my website for my huge selection of quality bondage gear and dungeon toys. I will consider bringing the rubber vacuum bodybag if you beg nicely. My electrical and cbt collection will be coming with me.

Edmonton Bondage-Lady Diva Cane

I have acquired more new toys you might enjoy. The first is a thick latex hood with mouth hole. It is from Studio Gum in Germany and very good quality rubber. The second is the bishop head harness which is a heavy leather blindfold, gag and collar unit. My strait jacket and spandex sleep sack will arrive soon. I have added some extra comfort to my inversion rack and brought back my first rope bondage chair for some extra fun when I have two slaves. The rubber gas mask will fit nicely with the new sleep sack arriving next month and it will lace tightly to my bondage table. This will be a nice alternative for those who can't handle the rubber vacuum bodybag.

Lady Diva Cane's new email address is

Don't forget to email me at my new email address with all your questions and advance bookings for sessions here in Edmonton Alberta. My playroom is equipped for all bdsm play and fetishes including including medical scenes, sissification and rubber vacuum bondage. I am still talking calls for same day visits at 780-392-9977. I prefer one day advance notice but 1-3 hours is acceptable for most situations.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edmonton Dominatrix - Lady Diva Cane 780-392-9977

I have a new suspension bondage horse which makes a very nice rocking horse for adult babies and sissy girls. With a pink pony head and a pink riding blanket, away you go. The bondage rope sling is very comfortable for sissy babies as a rocking swing for nap time and feeding as well. The bondage table makes a great change table and a feeding chair and potty are nearby.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Edmonton BDSM Mistress- New Edmonton Location

While I have been so very busy with my bondage slaves, I haven't forgotten about my sissies and their training here in Edmonton and online. The sissy blog has three hypno training training videos to get you gurly and over 70 photos and a few video clips as well. Sissy Stephanie will be reading her poetry for you and singing her songs very soon. As always, there are some free training videos on my site  Mistress is here to train her crossdressers, sissy girls and panty boys in all kinds of naughty ways.

Friday, June 11, 2010

12 days of Gina by Stephanie Johnston

On my first day at Gina
The principal gave to me
A girls name of Stephanie
On my second day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my third day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my fourth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my fifth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my sixth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my seventh day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Seven pairs of stockings
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my eighth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Eight lacy panties
Seven pairs of stockings
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my ninth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Nine tubes of lipstick
Eight lacy panties
Seven pairs of stockings
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my tenth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Ten painted nails
Nine tubes of lipstick
Eight lacy panties
Seven pairs of stockings
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my eleventh day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Eleven ruffled blouses
Ten painted nails
Nine tubes of lipstick
Eight lacy panties
Seven pairs of stockings
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie
On my twelfth day at Gina
The principal gave to me
Twelve pleated school skirts
Eleven ruffled blouses
Ten painted nails
Nine tubes of lipstick
Eight lacy panties
Seven pairs of stockings
Six dangling garters
Five pierced ear rings
Four padded bras
Three tampons
Two red ass cheeks
and a girls name of Stephanie

Diva Cane by Stephanie Johnson

Chained to the ceiling, standing on my tiptoes
A shapely blonde came in , and stripped off my clothes
I Pulled on the straps, Pulled with all my might
I couldn't escape, she'd done them up too tight
Sent to the clinic,came under her attack
Knocked to the floor, and layed upon my back
I was at the mercy , of this playful tease
Pinning my arms down, with her powerful knees
Diva Caaane !!! Diva Caaane!!!

Soon to start over, my mother had agreed
She had signed the forms, for my misdeeds
There would be changes, I did not agree
With a little laugh, she called me Stephanie
The wicked domina reviewed all my charts
Probing and checking all my delicate parts
The way this was going, things couldn't get worse
Horrified when a physical was done by the Nurse
Diva Caaane!!! Diva Caaane !!!!

The pretty blonde had, this mischevious grin
Powdered and diapered with sharp baby pins
No more wet pants, she would see to that
I Squirmed helplessly on the change mat

Begged and I pleaded, this was so unfair
Seeing the ruffled panties, that i had to wear
She had the power, she took control
I was entrapped in this feminine role
Diva Caaane!!! Diva Caaane!!!

I would start over,but not as a boy
My room was now empty of my usual toys
No more trucks and cars, not even a ball
Now tea parties and barbie dolls
This wicked domina,with a tight little ass

Having the figure, like an hour glass
Gave out a punishment, i thought was cruel
Being a new student at the girls school
Diva Caaane!!! Diva Caaane!!!

This sexy Nurse, in stockings and heels
Had forty six breasts, her dress could not conceal
I was reminded of a boy that had been bad
I would be for mom, the daughter she never had
This would be the start of things yet to come
Mother was so pleased of what I had become
The playful domina had totally changed me
Now I had to live as their little Stephanie
Diva Caane!!! Diva Caaane!!!


Steven's New Life (to the tune of Johnny Horton's Sink the Bismarck) by: Stephanie Johnson

In lace and ruffled petticoats, new life had just begun
His mother made the arrangements, for her unruly son
Her Steven was the only boy, enrolled in the academy
Transferred to the girls school, becoming Stephanie
When sent to see Nurse Diva Cane, he promised to be good
Pleading with the pretty blonde, doing what he could
It was time to change young Steven, there would be no sympathy
Plans were made for the transition, starting in the nursery
Steven was sent to Gina school, for being rude and crude
This was the place, to change his attitude
Mother signed the papers, for the stories he had spread
They knew how to deal with, such a pecker head
The shapely nurse stripped him bare, his clothes went in the bin
Bound to the change table, his regression would begin
The Nurse prepared a sedative, to relax Stephanie
With the drug he lost his strength, to a girl of only three
The drug had may have weakened him, but his mind was crystal clear
He knew he had done wrong, but this punishment seemed severe
The Nurse started to examine him, being thorough and complete
She did a complete physical, from his head to his feet
Steven was sent to Gina school, for being rude and crude
This was the place to change his attitude
Mother signed the papers for the stories he had spread
They knew how to deal with such a pecker head
Helpless as she undid the straps, thanks to the medicine
He would follow the dress code, and made to fit in
Nurse Diva sprinkled on powder, and diapered him with ease
To prevent any accidents came plastic panties
The label on the package read, pink tights with ruffled lace
Pulled up his legs, while tears rolled down his face
She pulled him to his feet, then with his hands in the air
A ruffled slip slid over his arms so girlish for him to wear
Steven was sent to Gina school, for being rude and crude
This was the place to change his attitude
Mother signed the papers for the stories he had spread
They knew how to deal with such a pecker head
The yellow dress was very short, hardly covering up his butt
The buttons were then done up, then the clasp was clipped shut
His eyes began to widen, as the footsteps sounded near
Through the door he recognized the principals reflection in the mirror
With her arms crossed the busty blonde, stood slapping a piece of wood
Steven would soon feel the ruler, if he had not been good
Morganna smiled at Diva, seeing things were under control
Progress had been made, making Steven assume his new role
Steven was sent to Gina school, for being rude and crude
This was the place to change his attitude
Mother signed the papers for the stories he had spread
They knew how to deal with such a pecker head

Some limericks By: Stephanie Johnston

There once was a lady from KaJewel
Who's son wouldn't follow her rule
When he refused to cut his hair
She gave him a dress to wear
Then sent him to Gina school
Any boy who gets it in their head
Not to listen to what Mistress said
She will lift up their gown
And pull their panties down
Turning their bottom red
There was a young man from Kendee
Enrolled at the Academy
With a bow in his hair
Pink panties to wear
And had to sit to pee
She read the kinky times magazine
Getting ideas for her delinquent teen
She saw from Morganna's add
That she could handle boys that had been bad
By transforming them into a sissy queen
When you enter Morganna's lare
You will be taken down the stairs
You will be disrobed
Your ass will be probed
Helplessly strapped to her gyno chair
There once was a boy called Stephanie
When enrolled in the Academy
With a strict dress code in place
Wearing frills and pretty lace
And a sanitary pad in his panty
There was a boy form Monass
Who was put in Gina class
They stripped him totally bare
With bra and panties to wear
And a tampon shoved up his ass
There once was a boy from Ladriss
Who was caught spying on his sis
It was time for him to pay
So she demanded that he lay
While she squatted over him for a piss
When in the dungeon of Diva Cane
Arms held to the ceiling by a chain
Standing on tip toes
Without any clothes
She squeezed hard on my little brain
There once was a boy named Ned
Who seemed to always wet his bed
His soaked P.J
Had to be thrown away
Being put in diapers instead

Skipping class by: Stephanie Johnson

Spring has sprung,the flowers are in bloom
The robins have returned from the winters gloom
Steven sat at his desk, trying to concentrate
His marks had to improve to pass to grade eight
Listening to the teacher seems like hell
Watching the clock, waiting for the bell
Hearing the sound, he was gone like a shot
Grabbing from his locker, the lunch he'd brought
He met his new friends outside on the grass
Convincing him to cut the afternoons class
They had a better way to end the week
Basking in the hot sun, down at Pine Creek
Missing Social and Math for a date with mother nature
Would be better than being bored by his crabby teacher
About a mile south of the school gate
Stood some of the tallest tress in the state
Escaping to the country, where they could be free
Was a new adventure for the boy from the city
Through the trees and bushes Steven was led
Silence broken by the waterfall ahead
There was so much for the city kid to explore
The No Trespassing sign, they decided to ignore
Following the windey path, down the hill
Led to a secluded lake so blue and still
The sun was hot, the water looked just right
Deciding on skinny dipping, with no one in sight
Steven couldn't be outdone by Jason or Jim
So he stripped off his clothes joining them for a swim
Enjoying the freedom being happy as you please
Unaware of the girls that were watching in the trees
They had trespassed into their sacred pool
Being the property of the Gina school
Stevens friends ran, grabbing their things
Totally naked trying to cover their ding a lings
The girls laughed enjoying the show
Watching them run, dressing on the go
They surrounded young Steven, who was naked and wet
Breaking their school rules he would soon regret
Gina girls were taught, never to be crude
They were prohibited to swim in the nude
Steven was in trouble with no getting away
His friends had deserted him leaving him to pay
Trying to get away, they knocked him to the ground
Intending to take him back and report what they found
He swore at Diana , held under protest
Give me my clothes so I can get dressed
She reached in her bag,pulling out her swim suit
You can wear this, i am sure you will be cute

He swore and resisted trying to break free
She straddled him, pinning him down with her knees
You have the nerve to swim in our pool
Despite the signs of being only for the Gina school
Roars of laughter, listening to him beg
Her pink swimsuit was being worked up his legs
Holding up his arms they stretched on the top
His arms were slid under the straps, he wished they would stop.
Steven would be brought up to the academy
For the principal to deal with, and the rest of the girls to see
His squirming made the lipstick smear
Trying really hard to hold back his tears
His wrists were tyed together with a shoe lace
He swore bringing Diana's hand across his face
Bringing him to his feet, it was time to go
Slapping his bottom for moving too slow
The principal greeted them with a big grin
Tina had run ahead to fill the Mistress in
After something like this his mother had to be told
Agreeing with the staff for Stephen to be enrolled

His dorm room number 6 was found on the West
Mistress went with him to make sure he got dressed
Students of Gina have a code which to dress
He would need some fitting, by the school seamstress

The dorm had the scent of fresh perfume
Becoming stronger when she opened his room
He knew it was a girls room by the way it was arranged
She opened the dresser to help him get changed

Your swim suit comes off, your not at the pool
You will dress like the others, here in the school
He begged and pleaded, how could this be
Gasping when told, he would now be Stephanie
This couldn't be, he was not of that gender
She held out a lacy belt, with dangling suspenders
Sitting him on a stool, he was to point his toes
Rolling up his legs were stockings,in a shade of rose
His eyes grew wider, red across the face
When given a pair of panties, with frills and lace
Dressed as a girl, he had to obey
Next a training bra, with cups of double A
Principal Morganna helped with the straps
His knees became weaker, thinking he would collapse
This was happening much to his chagrin
She held out a petticoat for him to step in
From the drawer she unfolded his pink sweater
Proudly displaying the White G, the girls school letter
The once proud boy, looked down defeated
His new tartan skirt was short and pleated
Showing his mary janes, he prayed they would not fit
Reluctantly holding out his foot, ready to submit
Principal smiled as they fit just great
Doing the tiny buckle sealed his fate

Stephanies Mother

She now had reason to believe

That their was hope, for her son Steve

She knew things couldn't possibly get worse

Making an appointment, to meet the Nurse

Meeting the busty blonde at two

To explain all that she went through

She knew she had been in error

In dealing with her holly terror

Wanting desperately to get him on track

Needing guidance, and a plan of attack

The two women, were having a nice chat

Diva assured, she could deal with the brat

Needing a change, to a total new scene

To properly discipline, the delinquent teen

Steven was Brenda's only child

He was thirteen, and going wild

Curfews and rules, he ignored

She needed structure, to be restored

Brenda raised him, as a single mom

His father being, a worthless bum

He up and left, with a baby on the way

She was alone, with bills to pay

Working two jobs, to make ends meet

Gave Steven time, to spend on the street

The control Brenda lost, she wanted to regain

Knowing it may be hard, to attain

The pretty mother, poured out her distress

Wishing he'd been a girl, she confessed

Her stress had given her the belief

That a girl wouldn't cause her such grief

Mother looked at Diva in total despair

Hoping for changes with a silent prayer

The wicked nurse set her paper aside

Telling her of the program, they could provide

Brenda had read, the private schools brochure

That was out in the country, totally obscure

He would be the only boy that was attending

This Gina school she was recommending

Their were strict rules to follow, for him to stay

Steven would dress like a girl, in every way

Nurse Diva made sure, Brenda understood

That he was to act, as any girl would

His manners and behavior had to change

If his acceptance was to be arranged

What Diva suggested seemed extreme

But it would help, to answer her dream

Her decision took only seconds to make

Doing nothing would be a bad mistake

Guardianship would have to be resigned

In the legal document, that mother signed

But Brenda knew, this would incite

Her boy Steven, to put up a fight

There was no way that she could see

He would go along with this, and agree

A plan was in place, Brenda was assured

There was no escape, with the school secured

He had no option; his choice had been made

They could start him over, in the first grade

The forms were reviewed and signed complete
Diva called the Principal, for Brenda to meet

She over heard, a sexy voice say
That she would be down stairs, right away
The Principal had been brought up to speed

To make sure his enrolment, would succeed

Morganna greeted Brenda with a smile

Taking the papers for her file

She was beautiful, confident and refined

Taking a huge load, off of Brenda's mind

The air about her, oozed total class

Wearing a short black dress, accenting her ass

With a wicked laugh, she left no doubt

They could deal with him, when he acted out

Both Morganna and Diva, were truly committed

To make sure Steven, fully submitted

Nurse Diva excused herself, it was time to begin

Calling to the waiting room, to have Steven sent in

With a full medical, needing done

Nurse Diva was ready for mother’s son

She would be busy, for quite awhile
With exams and tests, to compile

Mom was at ease, with Morganna in command

Assured that her boy, was in good hands

Brenda was thrilled, there was no doubt

Thanking the principal, as she walked her out

Before she left, her delinquent disgrace

Mother gave Morganna, a warm embrace

Needing some supplies from the mall
Brenda gave her sister a call

Shopping for a daughter was something new
Something she envied watching her Sister do
Steven would soon be Stephanie she confirmed
He would now start to fulfill his term

Sitting in the waiting room looking bored

Thinking that normalcy would soon be restored

The cocky young boy, did not worry

Time would soon blow away mom's fury

Mother would yell and issue threats

But give her time, she would forget

He was the only boy there, without a doubt

Every eye was on him, when his name was called out

Pulled by the ear and led down the hall

Led to the clinic's changing stall

Told to disrobe, getting completely undressed

The Nurse would be right in, to start his tests

When he refused, he was given a whack

His shirt was quickly, pulled off his back

His belt undone, she unzipped his jeans

He had nothing, she had never seen

In only moments he stood completely bare

What they planned, he was not aware

Poor Steven stood there, embarrassed and confused
Nurse Diva watched him, being somewhat amused

Before he knew it, he was strapped to this chair

In seconds the hydraulics had his legs in the air
Giving him a sedative, to make him relax
While it took its effects, she told him the facts

He was a problem in every school he attended

Always in trouble and ending up suspended

His friends and family, felt betrayed

Calling the Gina school, to get some aid

Being helpless, his legs were apart

Diva probed, then completed his chart

He argued and pleaded, this could not be

He was not a girl, it was plain to see

This was going to happen, it was crystal clear

All his complaints and whining, fell on deaf ears

With the results of his tests, the principal came in

Pleased with the vulnerable position he was in

The stirrups held his legs, wide as can be
Being still restrained, exposed for all to see
It was his time of month, they both agreed

Given sanitary supplies to fulfill his need

His virgin bum would be the place

A kotex tampon would fill that space

Some lubrication, as he was tight
It was useless for him to fight

The tampon made his bottom full
A string now stuck out, from his virgin bole

Morganna took hold of his little pride
Being something they had to hide

Having a penis was not permitted

Under his cheeks his member was fitted

Diva lowered the chair and undid his straps

He was then pulled across Morganna’s lap

Getting a sampling of things to come

Her hand came down across his unprotected bum

Getting a spanking was something new

He had it coming being long over due

Squirming, and twisting trying to oppose

He couldn't stop her landing the blows
She had him count each swat she gave

He would get more, if he didn't behave

Having enough and begging her to quit

He had no choice to reluctantly submit

Rubbing his bottom, being tender and sore

Knowing misbehavior would result in more

He didn't like this, there was no doubt

Seeing what Diva was holding out

She gave him his very first pair

Of lacy panties, like the other girls wear

Things went from bad to worse
Seeing the package opened by the Nurse
Steven's mother had earlier sent
Her new daughters bra measurement

Arms through the straps, then clasped in the back
With Double AA cups in satin black
Taking the hook, and adjusting it a bit
Being satisfied how good that it fit

A white blouse that was neatly pressed

That was monogrammed with a school crest

The school blouse was to be worn with pride

He struggled with the buttons, on the other side

White knee high socks were rolled over his toes

Adorned near the top with pretty pink bows

A young girl’s sock especially for him

Made so feminine with pink lacy trim

Skirts or dresses must be worn in this school

A tartan skirt around him, to follow the rules

The short pleated skirt, had layover flaps

With a shiny pin and two black leather straps

Morganna held a shoe box, with a surprise

Taking from the tissue paper, Mary Janes in his size

Sliding his foot into the shiny pink leather in size eight

Buckling a tiny strap, then putting on its mate

Morganna and Diva were so far from done
Leading young Steven, to start level one

Led down the halls, to the girl’s dorm
Where Steven would live, being reformed

Some girls giggled while others stared

Watching him enter the dorm room prepared

The room was done in various pink shades

Every where he looked femininity was displayed

On the couch his Aunt and Mother waited

Returning to see the girl that was created

They had been busy shopping in the stores

Hurrying back to fill his dresser drawers

New panties, bras, and lacy suspenders

So many frilly things for the female gender

Mother was pleased with the turn about

Steven had been changed, without a doubt

Beth 's daughter donated clothes that she had outgrown

Some store bought, some hand sewn

Gone would be her delinquent son

Now having a daughter, Stephanie Johnson

Mary Gets Her Revenge By: Stephanie Johnson

Through the halls, there wasn't a sound

The girls all slept, as Mary made her rounds
She was a monitor hoping to attain
Extra credits from the Principal and Miss Diva Cane

Mary was assigned to do wake up calls
On room Seventeen at the end of the hall
This was her chance to really get even
Doing what she could to humiliate Steven

She took the key and put it in the lock
Then opened the door, not bothering to knock
The clock struck six; it was time for him to rise
Rudely awakened, as the light hit his eyes

Steven looked down, in total dismay
Awaking to a nightmare, that wouldn't go away
Mary leaned on the railing, she couldn't help but laugh
What he had become, thanks to the staff

His bed was a crib, custom made for his size
Complete with a shelf, with baby supplies
His feet were restrained to the bars on the side
He couldn't escape as much as he tried

The fourteen year old boy made quite a sight
Being put in diapers each and every night
Pink flannel was pinned on, for him to use
He got a spanking, when he tried to refuse

Putting him in pink tights, made revenge so sweet
Especially those with a lace ruffled seat
The rustling sound made it easy to guess
He wore plastic panties, to prevent any mess

Wearing a pink bonnet, trimmed in white lace
She lifted the brim, to look into his face
Reminding him of the hell, she had been through
His total humiliation, she vowed to pursue

Mary's compassion now a thing of the past
Transferring to Gina, when badly harassed
Keeping to herself, in a protective shell
Studying really hard, she began to excel

The principal rewarded her, with the chance
To turn the tables and make her stance
Mary looked down into his sad sad face
Delighted in the changes that had taken place

She had the job, of getting him out of bed
To help him get ready, for the day ahead
Steven looked like a baby, there was no dispute
Wearing little booties, made him look so cute

Fortunate that Miss Diva allowed her to assist
Putting his hands in mittens, zippered on his wrists
The padded mitts, were without any thumbs
So he couldn't prevent, what he had become

Steven felt like he was a captive prey
Being changed into a girl, in every way
He was Gina School's first boy member
Who was enrolled on the first of September

Forced to attend, against his will
Pushing his mother, till she had her fill
Taken to the office, the principal stripped him bare
Boy clothes were forbidden, for him to wear

He would get a spanking, being long over due
His bottom would be sore, long before she was through
This delinquent teen tried to show he was tough
After several stinging slaps, he soon had enough

He would still suffer, the swats hard and fast
Morganna would make sure, her message would last
Being at her mercy, while held across her lap
Principal Morganna, would not tolerate his crap

With brush close at hand, he would dearly pay
More would follow, when resuming his boyish ways
Steven was no longer, becoming Stephanie
Given his first bra, with a matching panty

He wanted to complain, but he didn't dare
Stepping into the panties, a pink lace pair

The intimate apparel his bottom encased

In a silky smooth brief, pulled up over his waist

Fumbling with the bra, a size B forty two
He struggled with the clasp, a boy without a clue
He had the straps, all twisted and turned
The schools new student, had so much to learn

A white cotton blouse, with the schools crest
Having short sleeves and neatly pressed
Struggling with the buttons, each shaped like a pearl
He would wear the uniform, like the rest of the girls

A pleated tartan skirt with two leather straps
Having a large pin, holding together the flaps

The plaid skirt was short, up to mid thigh

He would be the victim, for all the girls to spy

No more sweat socks, they’d be replaced

With a pair of knee highs, trimmed in pink lace

The Principal was known, to become quite irate

If she saw that socks were not pulled up straight

Morganna took the shoe box, removing the lid

Wrapped in pretty tissues, Mary Jane’s were hid

The Principal helped him into the size nines

Black patent leather with a glossy shine

Now that Stephanie had been transformed

He was to meet Diva, in the girls dorm

Steven was hushed, from his attempt at debating

His new room was finished, ready and waiting

The wall paper and painting had gone as planned

With Miss Diva getting Mary to lend a hand

Pretty dresses were hung in the closet with care

Filling the dresser with his new underwear

Led down the hallway, pulled by the wrist

Morganna acted quickly when he tried to resist

His skirt was raised, his panties were thin

Gave no protection from his bare skin

Her spanking came quick, leaving its toll

Quickly reminding him, she was in control

He had no choice, he picked up the pace

Down the hall, he would find his new place

Mary came to the door, to extend her greeting

Shocked when she saw, who she was meeting

Seeing Steven, whom she knew before

Totally surprised by what he wore

It had taken awhile to get over what he did

Never to forgive this delinquent kid

What he had done, was totally unfair

And to top it off, he didn't even care

Her family moved in, a year ago June
Coming from the farm, outside of Saskatoon
She'd met Steven, who lived down the street
He was cute and seemed really sweet

She agreed to a date , he was so polite
Taking her to a show playing Friday night
He held her hand, he was quiet and shy
Giving a tender kiss, when he said good bye

The very next morning, things began to change

Her new friends stared, looking at her strange

It didn't take her long to realize

That Steven was spreading, a big pack of lies

He boasted that he had broke her cherry

And that she was no longer, the Virgin Mary

His stories spread like a wild fire

What she had done, to satisfy his desire

The rumour he spread was cruel and mean
Ruining the reputation of the pretty teen
She felt betrayed, she wanted to run
Her name was ruined, over nothing she had done

Being at Bellevue had left her disgusted

With the feeling that no boy could be trusted

She transferred to Gina,where she could expect

To be treated fairly and shown some respect

This girl's school gave her the chance to begin

She made new friends, and was soon fitting in

Putting behind her, the disappointment and pain

Never wanting to see Steven again

But there he was, she would never forget

Standing before her, but no longer a threat

He looked pathetic, with his eyes on the floor

Now submissive, not knowing what was in store

Diva demanded he show some appreciation

After all their hard work and preparation

Principal Morganna lifted the hem of his skirt

Slapping his bottom, making sure it hurt

Mary was amazed at what had taken place

Looking at Steven with his tear laden face

Never ever would she have believed

This room she'd help decorate, was intended for Steve

His dresser decorated, with scented candles

Each drawer opened, by heart shaped handles

Slips and bras were all neatly piled

With soft frilly panties in every style

The open door made it easy to see

The adjorning room, was the nursery

He'd better co-operate, the Principal explained

Or he would be started over, and be re- trained

The look of terror came across his face

When told his panties, would be replaced

With diapers and plastic panties, in the event

That they found he ever, had any accidents

Mary was asked, and she agreed

To baby sit, should there be the need

This was the time, she remembered it well

She started to scheme, to make his life hell

It wouldn't take much persuasion

To have him wear them, on occasion

To get the Principal and Lady Diva to agree

That the nursery was the place, for Stephanie

Diva looked at her watch, hearing the morning chime

Gina School would start, in five minutes time

Mary would escort him, so he wouldn't be late

Obeying her was something, not up for debate

Mary would take Steven on his first day

Having no choice, he had to obey

With the bell sounding it's 5 minute warning

Mary escorted him, to start his morning

Taken by the wrist, and led down the hall

He stumbled and squirmed, trying not to fall

A great way to deal with this peeping offender

Dressed like a girl, could not hide his gender

Mary found this temptation, hard to resist

To stick the knife in further and give it a twist

Hearing the snickers, he felt so ashamed

Dressed like a girl and being renamed

Each class he attended, the reception was the same

He had to introduce himself, using his new name

His face was red, red as a beet

Miss Diva came in, having them take their seats

Steven was given a desk, in the front row

He tried to sit, without putting on a show

He would have to learn, to have success

To sit properly while wearing a dress

Mary and her friends, planned to burst his bubble

Doing what they could, to get him in trouble

Waiting for the teacher, to turn her back

Some well placed spit balls, began their attack

He didn't do it, he tried to explain

Soon feeling the wrath, of Miss Diva Cane

Standing him in the corner, of the class

Bringing her ruler, across his ass

Holding his skirt up, left him totally exposed

Being the target, of her punishing blows

His bottom was still tender, and still quite sore

From the spanking he'd received, an hour before

Each swing of the ruler, made such a smack

Even heard by the girls, sitting in the back

His tears started to flow, coming very quick

As Miss Diva knew how to wield the stick

Mary was pleased, seeing his bottom tanned

This was far better, than she had ever planned

Steven cried and pleaded promising to behave

Jumping with each slap that Miss Diva gave

The Wicked Diva took the greatest pleasure

In administering a few more, just for good measure

Steven couldn't sit, his bottom just burned

Remaining in the corner, with his back turned

The girls applauded, hooted and cheered

Watching the pecker head, reduced to tears

His nose in the corner, with a warning

He'd better not move, for the rest of the morning

Feeling sorry for himself, he stood and sobbed

Wishing for his boyhood, that had been robbed

Shifting his weight from side to side

Hoping soon, the pain would subside

Lady Diva had the girls be seated

The morning was along way, from completed

Standing in the corner, for the next few hours

Steven didn't dare to question Diva's power

Time moved slowly, he needed release

The urge in his bladder began to increase

He started to panic, needing the commode

His bladder was full, and about to explode

He had a problem, he couldn't deny

A warm yellow liquid rolled down his thigh

Having this secret, he wanted to protect

Hoping the girls were too busy to suspect

Mary looked up and watched him squirm

Seeing the evidence, she was able to confirm

Quickly informing Miss Diva the score

Their was a wet puddle, now on the floor

Diva shook her head, then made a call

Before dragging him back, down the hall

The Principal was waiting, as was arranged

Returning to the Nursery, to be changed

Across the change table and lied on his back

Then taking a diaper from the rack

Not ready for panties, he had just proved

Lifting his legs, the wet ones were removed

Steven protested, trying hard to resist

As Mary entered, been called in to assist

His life would start over, being confined

To obey the hall monitor, as she was assigned

Revised Nursery Rhymes By: Stephanie Johnson

Georgie Porgie

Deceivin Steven wanted her pie
Slid his fingers into Mary's Y
When his girl friend slapped his face
Deceivin Steven was put in place

Old Mother Hubbard

Miss Mary Messer
Went to her dresser
To get Steven's new clothes
She had a pair
Of frilly under wear
Adorned with tiny little bows

Humpty Dumpty

Steven Johnson would always stall
Steven Johnson ignored nature's call
With all his bed sheets, having yellow stains
Diva would put Steven, in diapers again

Little Miss Muffet

Steven had a hunch
This would be his lunch
Eating Diva's Gina
She sat on his face
With him held in place
And flicked his tongue insider

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Diva, Diva, Diva Cane
Had a boy that she could train
Put him in some girl's clothes
With training bra and pantie hose

Little Bo Peep

Lil Steven Dean
Had lost his jeans
With dresses to replace them
Girl's clothes were the rule
At the Gina school
And be punished for not wearing them

Fee Fi Fo Fum

Pee Pie Poe Pain
I smell the pee of Miss Diva Cane
She has me restrained to a rail
Giving me her nectar to inhale

Jack and Jill

Hair in Red
Put on his head
To give him a new style
His hair would hang
In cute little bangs
And a picture taken for his file

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Diddle Diddle
Mistress has to piddle
Sitting on Steven's face
Wicked Diva laughed, releasing her stream
Giving Steven a shower to taste

Little Jack Horner

Steven had been naughty
Training to go potty
Sitting while he peed
He lifted his gown
Pulled his panties down
Feeling like a girl indeed

I'm a Little Tea Pot

I've been sent to Gina, as a girl
Here is my curtsy, here is my twirl
When I'm dressed up, the girls start to tease
Flipping my dress up, showing my panties

I Wear Panties By Stephanie Johnson

I wear panties
Frilly Frilly panties
I wear panties
To change my attitude
I've got garters that match
And stockings to attach
And high heels I now wear as shoes

Aunt Beth had them restrain me
The All girls school would soon train me
For punishment they would cane me
And I am sent to Gina School
Gina School
Gina School
With the lace of organza petticooooooats
Ashamed I confess, when the put me in a dress
And I am sent to Gina School
Gina School

I got Titties
Iddy Biddy Titties
I got Titties
Thanks to a padded bra
I have a shape that is new
In a size forty two
And yes these are bra straps that you saw

I wear ear rings
Dangly dangly ear rings
I wear ear rings
From tampons that were glued
They were hand made just for me
With a string for all to see
And to show when my time of month was due

I wear pig tails
Tightly woven pigtails
I wear pigtails
With bangs cut from my hair
I have ribbons and bows
With a tiara to show
And being like a princess is so unfair

Good King Wenchesles by Stephanie Johnson

His junior high kicked him out
They had enough of Steven
Spreading rumors all about
The girls wanted to get even
Mothers plan would show his place
At the Gina School
Dressed in frills and pretty lace
Following their strict dress rules

Signed him up as Stephanie
A gag would stop his yelling
Pulled across Morganna's knee
She was so compelling
A good hard spanking, he did need
To turn his bottom red
Punished for his delinquent deeds
After being such a pecker head

Run his stockings up his legs
Attaching to a garter
He may plead, he may beg
But this was only a starter
Pushing his arms threw the straps
Clasping the padded bra
Fallen to to his mothers trap
To deal with the Gina law

He will wear panties now
Just like the other girls
They will soon teach him how
To put his hair in curls
A mirrored image shows him
Of what he has become
A silky slip with a wide lace trim
Fell just below his bum

Over his head, a low cut sweater
Covering up his chest
Adorned with the schools letter
On his new formed breast
Stepping into the short plaid skirt
Buttoned on his waist
Feeling like a piece of dirt
As his boyhood was replaced

Now leather shoes adorned his feet
Strapped into 4inch heels
Stevens new look was complete
As his fate had been sealed
It didnt matter what he thought
Or if he thought it was cruel
He would soon be taught
As a student of Gina School

Steven's saga by: Stephanie Johnson

The news hit Steven like a ton of bricks

Another summer school had him feeling sick

How could his mother treat him so cruel?

Agreeing to keep him at the Gina school

Trying desperately, he pleaded his case

She sat next to him, wiping the tears from his face

He looked so innocent the way he was dressed

His girlish transformation really had been for the best

She couldn't believe how much he had changed

Since his enrolment had been arranged

He now wore the yellow cotton summer dress

Given to him his first day despite his protests

You would have thought he had been sentenced to death

When he opened the gift from his nosey Aunt Beth

He would need to dress like the rest of the girls

His un-kept hair had to be shampooed and curled

Morganna took control the moment they met

She spoke these words he would never forget

"Come with me, your baby sitter is waiting"

With no uncertain terms, or chance of debating

The principals shapely figured couldn't be concealed

Beneath her short dress, with stockings and heels

He was dragged down the stairs to the girl’s dorm

While his mother stayed behind to sign the forms

You should have seen the look on his face

Hearing the door lock and security in place

Having no choice, as she twisted his ear

His boyhood days were about to disappear

Apologies and promises came far too late

Decisions had been made to seal his fate

After three daughters, mother couldn't understand

How his behaviour had gotten so out of hand

The principal smiled and gave a little laugh

Introducing him to Diva, the Nanny on staff

The voluptuous blonde with shapely hips

Grabbed hold of his arms with a steel grip

Fighting, swearing and throwing a hissy fit

The two ladies held him, making him submit

This busty blonde proved he wasn't that tough

Easily strapping his wrists in leather cuffs

To the centre of the room he was led

His arms were chained above his head

Helplessly balancing on his tip toes

Sharp scissors made quick work of his clothes

His jeans were gone, being cut to shreds

Any thoughts of escape were put to bed

Hanging there at their mercy and couldn't move

Being told all his body hair was to be removed

Morganna teased him, while Diva prepared the wax

This was going to happen, so try to relax

She brought out a leather hood to help in his training

With a detachable gag to stop his complaining

Behind his head Morganna adjusted the ties

Tightened snugly in place to muffle his cries

The gag plug was dry and needed some flavor

With a taste from the Goddess, one he could savor

Lifting the front of her dress, pushing her panties a side

Taking his soother and pushing it inside

From the Principal's nether region, down in the south

Juices covered the gag, then pushed in his mouth

The gag then secured, the wax solution now done

Soon he would be ready for Gina's level one

This couldn't’t be happening it had to be a bad dream

His hair came off in patches, to his muffled scream

Hanging from the ceiling, being forced to succumb

His body was now smooth, like a babies bum

With creams and powders, the ladies had him ready

To become their new student, named Stephanie

Stephanie's dirty fingers and toes were being abolished

Clipping and filing, and then neatly polished

Wanting to return home, as he couldn't cope

Mother smiled, knowing their was no hope

With Steven attending Gina, gave her life a new lease

No more bickering and quarrelling, her home was at peace

He went into great detail telling her of all his woes

Being suspended from the ceiling, and put in girls clothes

Wrapping the lace covered bra, around his chest

Foam pads in the cups, gave him a little breast

Adjusting the straps, making sure it was not tight

Doing up the clasp, satisfied it fit right

A garter belt was next, trimmed in ribbon and lace

So wanting to scream, but the gag was in place

Around his waist then fastening the catch

Garters hung down, for the stockings to attach

Being shown how to put on the sheer hose

Rolled over his foot and his painted toes

Worked up his leg like a second skin

The other leg was then done like its twin

Horrified he watched her squeezing the tube
Spreading his cheeks, then a little lube
A Kotex tampon was taken from its sleeve
Pushed in, till complete penetration was achieved

Steven would have a period like all girls do

Learning to experience what girls go through

Diva had fabricated a panty, just for Steve

What she had made he couldn't’t believe

The special panty was pulled up over his hips

He now had a pussy complete with lips

A pink pair of panties were picked out for him

A nylon bikini with wide lace trim

Pulled up his legs, covering his new pubic patch

The panties bra and stockings, all a perfect match

The principal took out a full length mirror

Seeing himself in both front and rear

His arms were sore, after being chained in the air
There was no relief with a petticoat to wear

Helping him into it, pushing his arms through the straps
The crinoline fell, with the lacy hem at his lap

Decorated with pink lace ruffles, row upon row
The chiffon waist adorned, with tiny satin bows
He tried to complain, but with the gag it was a waste

Whenever he sucked he had the principal’s taste

The sewing class had designed a dress just for him

Puffy sleeves with cuffs of pink satin trim

Pulling the taffeta dress over his head

Through the sleeve holes his arms were fed

The dress was short, leaving his slip exposed

With a full gathered skirt, and a zipper back close

A pink sash was tied, at the back of his waist

Across the hem six satin bows were sewn in place

The 4inch heels, Morganna had chose

Accented his stockinged feet with his polished toes

At the edge of the bed he was to sit

Hoping and praying, that these shoes wouldn't fit

The strappy sandals were a satin white

They were in a size 10, which fit him just right

The two ladies seemed happy with Steven's progress

Dressing the delinquent boy was working out a success

His hood finally removed, and then the gag was taken
If he thought it was over, he was sadly mistaken

Stood on his heels, in a girls stance

He wobbled, he shaked trying to get his balance

He had a hair appointment, it was just about one
The principal had made arrangements, for what was to be done
His whining was stopped by Diva's threat

A spanking would follow, one he would never forget

Led down the hall to the hair dressing class
Hearing giggles and laughter from every girl he passed

His face was red as he stepped into the salon

A hydraulic chair waited for him to sit upon

A large busted redhead stood with apron in hand

Ready to carry out the principal’s demand

She placed it over him as he took the seat

Confident she could make his feminine look complete

Cutting off a couple of inches, then having it dyed

Parting it down the middle and brushing it to the side

Pulling a crop of hair forward and letting it hang

Then snipping it in vees, forming long jagged bangs

Embarrassed and humiliated you could see for a mile

As she brushed back his bangs in a peek a boo style

She dry-ed and combed it to the front

Looking cute with bangs in a classic blunt

With a couple more snips, his hair was complete

His hair glistened, looking so feminine and sweet

Plucking his eyebrows, then his eyelashes were curled

With each addition, he looked more like a girl

She was an artist like Vi ncent Van Goah

Applying him with Mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow

She giggled as she worked, with the tiny brush

Painting on foundation, toner and then some blush

Using a gloss on his lips to give them an accent

Then perfume was sprayed with the most feminine scent

The un-kept boy had now been totally replaced

His eyes under the blonde bangs popped and softened his face

He looked so cute, but needed one more thing
Diva had little tampons clasped on as ear rings

The principal demanded he give them a swirl
Twirling around like a little girl

Mother seemed pleased hearing of Stevens first day
Despite his pleadings, he was there to stay

Steven stood up after a brief hesitation

While the three women smiled, admiring their creation

Steven continued his story of his horrid plight

He was paraded through the halls, to the others delight

The Medical Clinic was just up the stair

Where Nurse Cane made ready the gyno chair

Up the open stair case, he was to go

While girl's waited underneath, to see his show

Steven was known as an up skirt spy

Tables were now turned, for their waiting eyes

With giggles and laughter the girls had come

To see up his dress, to his pantied bum

In the clinic Nurse Cane was boss

In a short white dress with a large Red Cross

Steven was strapped onto the hydraulic chair

His legs then spread, and raised in the air
This tanned blonde with ample breasts
Probed him intimately doing her tests

Totally at her mercy, his pride was all gone

He helplessly watched her replace his tampon

With the medical finished, the principal got his charts

Combined with the signed forms, Stephanie could start

They had ladies waiting; it was time that they went

To the first level dorms, down in the basement

Directing him by classrooms in the east wing

Smelling the pies from the cooking class baking

Then came classes of sewing, crafts and art

Steven had no idea that soon he would be taking part

Seeing in the classrooms he noticed all the equipment

Puzzled by some of the unusual instruments

Diva told him of a pony he was going to ride

Riding a horse was something he never tried

This pony didn't’t run jump or kick

Just a leather head attached to a broom stick

He would have to ride it, using a different technique

Balancing on tip toes, the handle between his cheeks

Stevens mind raced, seeing room number three

It would be his new room, right next to the nursery

Things went from bad to worse when he saw all the guests

There was Aunt Beth , to laugh at his distress

His cousin Collette and his sister Rose

Took pleasure in offering their outgrown clothes

Training bras and panties were taken from their bags

His boy clothes were gone, being cut up in rags

Complaining and whining he would live to regret

Being started in the nursery was more than a threat