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Edmonton BDSM Mistress Diva Cane's Pro Dominatrix Website
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I am a wickedly playful mistress, skilled in many aspects of female domination, from tease and denial to expert torture. My interests and talents are many, including various degrees of bondage, device edging and milking, medical fetish, pegging, electrical stimulation, forced bi, verbal and cuckold humiliation. I have an extensive fantasy wardrobe and footwear collection for myself and my precious sissies. My lovely feet are adored by many and I enjoy worship, massages and pedicures from my foot slaves. I am busty with a slender waist, sculpted stomach, shapely hips, powerful legs and a firm luscious ass . My natural measurements are 48-32-46 giving me an extreme hourglass figure and my strong, voluptuous body makes physically challenging sessions as easy as walking in 7 inch heels. I have enjoyed many scenes outside the realm of traditional domination and submission including, wrestling, tickle torture and shopping with my sissy girls. My style continues to evolve and the scene often depends on my mood and how the slave inspires me. I am selective and prefer seeing those who fuel the fires of my creativity and wickedness. You may email me with one of your fantasies and if you can tempt me, I may choose to see you at my new Edmonton area location. Friends and previous guests of the mistress may text 587-400-3621 or email me at New applicants are screened via the form on my personal website.

I am a lifestyle dominatrix and do not offer escort type sexual services or nudity in exchange for money. Please don't insult me or embarrass yourself by asking, when my boundaries are clear. This is not negotiable. Please visit for rates and restrictions.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Edmonton Dominas - Days Off

While Mistress Veronica did not find anyone to fit our duo schedule, it was still an eventful weekend. I was off Friday to run errands and then got soaked at the at the Eskimos game on Saturday afternoon before I dried off and walked over to New City to listen to some great bands with Mistress Veronica and company. Sunday, I am back to my normal play schedule and should be available most of this week. I will use any down time to rebuild my spanking bench this month and order some new gadgets. It was great to see familiar visitors last week and I am looking forward to some inversion flogging and cbt in the near future. I premiered my thigh high, leather corset boots which are stiletto platforms with laces up the back.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Edmonton Mistresses - Mistress Veronica Glamazon

Things aren't slowing down much for me after the crazy weekend. Everyone is booking 2 hour sessions lately. Mistress Veronica will be available this weekend, starting Friday, for duo sessions with myself. Her photos are at so check them out if you haven't yet. Welcome to my new members. It's great to see my members lounge expanding so rapidly considering I only unveiled my new website last month. I am ordering some new toys. I will keep you posted!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alberta Fetish Domina - Free Clip

I have barely had a moment to breathe all weekend. From Friday night on things have been non stop busy. After a fairly quiet week, my guests poured in all weekend with familiar faces and another surprise from the past ending with dinner on Saturday. Mistress Veronica bought us tickets to a 4 band rock show in St Albert which left me with an hour to get ready and meet up with the ladies. Sunday was just as hectic but so much fun. I think I logged more play hours this weekend than I did in a month at the old dungeon. There should be a new foot worship clip appearing on my site this week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Edmonton Mistress - Never a dull moment

I got to use my revamped electro bondage chair twice in one day and it works great. Squirming slaves, bound tight with legs spread for cbt and nipple torment are quite the site to behold. I can't wait to finish the next cbt chair. I might confess that I have not pulled out the reclining leather chair for medical or dental play yet but I have a few ideas stirring and may modify it. Hardly a day goes by where I don't hear from someone I truly enjoy playing with. I am always suprised at how many people follow my blog and know exactly what's going on when they call or visit just from reading my tired bedtime ramblings which I end up having to correct in the morning anyway. You place a great deal of trust in me, so it's only fair that you get to know me a little. It's always nice to see familiar faces joining my edmontonmistress ebsite and posting to the site. If you haven't checked out Mistress Veronica's new pics, you should.

I went to see Guys in Disguise (of course) at the Fringe and I came home late to find EPS and SWAT had blocked off the entire area to the river valley. They would not let me go home to bed because "it wasn't safe over there"and I had to get through "there" to get home. I counted about 6 cars, a van and an ambulance on standby. I'm a bit sleepy today after crashing elsewhere.

If anyone would like to put in a light fixture for me in the next week, I would be tickled.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Edmonton Mistress - Phone Number

Since all my clients have found me and my new number withing the last month and a half, I will be deleting the old number some of you used to call. When I placed ads, no one really phoned it anymore so I figured that was a good indicator that it was a waste of money. The day after the old website came down, my new telephone number was already ringing and people were signing up on the new site. It's nice to see that everyone has tracked me down so quickly. Two of my favourite clients called on the new number yesterday and those were really the only stragglers who were left behind. The old number should be disconnected by next week. It's great to see faces from the past coming to see me at my new playground. I am looking forward to trying my new electric bondage chair and making some nasty new clips with my new digital camcorder (thank you thank you thank you...weeeeeee). My ankle is better so don't expect me to go easy on you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Edmonton Dominatrix - Electrogasms

Monotony hasn't been much of a problem here at Darque Asylum. My furniture is easily moved and quite versatile and my toys allow access for a variety of play. Something I have enjoyed this past months is causing electrogasms in various predicaments. The last memorable one was a slave who exploded while riding the monkey rocker with electro cbt. Now, I still have my first bondage chair which enjoy using but it now plays second fiddle to the mercy seat. I decided to modify the seat and cut a cbt hole to drop weights down so I can have some new fun with plugged slaves. After all, it was my first chair, in a crappy little room with garbage bags stylishly stapled to the windows only a few months ago. Hard to believe how far things have come so quickly. I have never depended on props more than my creative mind and it has served me well. I am quite spontaneous and never plan a scene other than to include your interests or prevent monotony. Everything else is improvised. The new chair is tested and ready for play. Your balls can be weighted and dropped through the hole while you are bound and squirming, leaving you exposed for torment.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Edmonton Mistresses - Gallery Updates

My girlfriend and I planned to paint my fence yesterday but the day got away from me. I bought a new computer and did a little photo shoot with Veronica Glamazon. Her new pics are at my new website, I recieved a wonderful new digital camcorder and I will be shooting clips with my favourite slaves to post in my pervert lounge. I will post VG's availablility here and on my calendar so stay tuned. I think a fun time was had by all.

If anyone is interested in participated in a mmf scene, forced bi, bdsm, hoods, etc with another male slave and myself, this week, contact me by phone or email to get in on the action.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Edmonton Mistress - Inversion Bondage

The one style of strait jacket really compliments the inversion unit. You can hang a plugged slave upside down, by his feet or strapped in, and force milk or whip his tender parts. I haven't used inversion much because I have so many other great pieces of furniture to play on. It's a fun ride and if we keep your socks on, you should be able to hang for a while. Mistress Veronica is looking for some distraction this weekend in the form of duo sessions so call if you are up for it.

I have been busy with renos which have gone well but slowly because of the rain. The lightening has caused several power outages here so I haven't been able to access my email as much as I would like. My sprained ankle is feeling better so I will be able to get back to learning to drive manual transmission and other fun things. I am looking forward to the Fringe.

Welcome to all the new members who joined

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Edmonton Domme - Weekend Getaway

Since I had enjoyed the company of some of my favourite guests during the week and my weekend was not booked by Friday night, I decided to sneak off for a weekend in Calgary. After a trip to Bowness Park, it was off to Radium for lunch and then a stop in Banff for a soak in the hot springs and then back to Calgary for supper. I have checked out a few hotels for my business and play visits. I will post my session trips on my calendar online. I have been been hauling lumber and drywall for renovations, so it was nice to get away after my new deck was completed. Sadly, the cement piles, which were only a few years old, had crumbled and needed to be replaced as well. I guess a lot of people pretend to know what they are doing when it comes to construction and end up making a mess which has to be redone. I will be shopping for a new back door for the same reason. I am not without skills myself and have always done my own auto body repairs and some for an ex boyfriend who could afford the best and liked my work. He admitted he was clueless and didn't try to out do me just because I was female, so everything worked out just fine. I was once asked to paint a car, but the this person didn't listen to me and kept washing the primer coat with water instead of using the tack cloth. Primer is porous and retains water, so obviously the paint will peel and things will waste of my time and energy...end of story. If I had a nickel for every time someone wasted my energy like that, I could take the bus somewhere...probably Las Vegas! As always, if anyone who is skilled and competent would like to trade work for play, I am open to offers and ideas. I am not the type to watch over your shoulder unless you need my input. I expect that you know what you are doing if you approach me to do work. If I like you then you have already been to my personal play space and have my direct number.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Edmonton Dominatrix - Session Openings

After taking the weekend off to enjoy the weather and friends, I was tickled to see a face from the past arrive for torment this week. I really enjoy intense one hour sessions ending with a huge explosive finale. In addition, I was able to indulge my addiction to indian food in the charming company of another visitor from far away before ending my day in the dungeon. The monkey rocker is always a hit and the sybian function of the chair is nice too. I love my toys! I will be around all week for sessions. Calling before 2pm is great for last minute and same day bookings.