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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cuckolding for Intellectuals?
This article did not come as a surprise to me, however, not all cuckolds are only about the psychological pain and humiliation.  In all of the writings that I have glanced over, one thing seems to go without mention...male approval.  Don't some men buy that big, flat screen tv and have all their friends over to enjoy it?  Most guys like it when other men want and envy what they have acquired.  What greater approval for a beta male than to have a bigger, muscular, more endowed male lust after his wife?  To an alpha or  highly competitive male, this might be perceived as a threat that must be dealt with.  To the beta male, who seeks the approval of males that he feels are superior to him, this is the ultimate compliment.  If he can please her better than the beta male, it only reinforces that he is truly the superior male, further validating that approval.

There are far more cuckolds than there are women who want to indulge them.  Why wouldn't every woman want to take advantage of this growing kink?  Woman are programmed that cheating has consequences and as empathic creatures, they wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the kind of pain that makes a cuckold excited.  They are thinking of what is fair when the cuckold is thinking of what is completely unfair.  Fear of payback and being the one to ruin the relationship are probably some of her fears.  Guilt is also a huge hurdle to overcome.  Even if you find a habitual cheater, most of them would prefer to do it behind your back.  Trust has to go both ways.  He has to trust her not to leave him for the better man but she has to trust that he can't handle it and won't freak out and leave once he isn't horny anymore.  Women need to feel secure and that seems like a huge risk to take, for a woman who is in love.
This fetish may not be realistic or sustainable in a relationship.  A cuckold can become so obsessed with his fetish that he resorts to bargaining and blackmail, holding her needs for ransom, until he gets his way.  Letting it get in the way of her enjoyment, will only alienate her.  It is little more than men trying to push women into sexual slavery, in a very flimsy disguise.  Many women feel pressured to the point of leaving the relationship.  This controlling behavior is nothing less than abuse and will certainly not make her feel empowered enough to go explore her sexual desires, with other men, for her own enjoyment. 

Finding a woman who can do this is not easy.  The submissive slut type will want you to be dominant and make her have sex with other men.  She won't want to taunt and humiliate you.  Watching her get used may be enough for you.  Basically, she will do it just to please you and other men, which may defeat the purpose.  Many beta females will do this for your approval, but if you happen to be a beta male, she will likely leave with an alpha one day.  She will naturally seek the approval and protection of the superior male.

The bull is often the omega male who is free of morals, doesn't really fit in anywhere, is less likely to have the resources to steal your wife and could probably breed with her and go on his merry way, leaving you to raise his child.  It may be his only chance to procreate. He doesn't usually conform or compete with other males.  He may be a loner with financial, psychological or other issues that prevent him from having his own mate. 

The alpha female is rare but comes in a few varieties.  The alpha, who only dates other alphas, probably won't give you the time of day.  The alpha who dates betas in order to feel superior, may not cheat because she always needs to be above you, morally and otherwise.  Then, there is the alpha who will date the beta because he will provide a secure, loving home and not expect equality because he knows she can do better.  She will jump at the chance to find better sex because she is a predator who is always looking for the best conquest and would rather find a beta who tolerates it, than change who she is.  She is also smart enough to know that the best sexual conquest may not make the most loyal, devoted husband.

This is, more accurately, the alpha-omega female (omega females are not supposed to exist).  She may not feel competitive with other women or care what people think, if she is not always the shining example of morality.  She is not "dependent" or "independent" but rather "interdependent".  The cuckold may fit with her needs and she may take a beta mate who will not require her to be monogamous.   The beta staying with her, in spite of her infidelity, will only prove his love to her.  To the beta, her experiencing the "superior male" and returning to him, may also prove her love for him.  No true alpha female will be tolerate him cheating, and she would probably be happy to lock him in chastity.  The cuckold may find his match in this woman.  She probably won't do it just for him.  Deep down, she may have already had the desire to sexually engage her equal.  Also, your alpha cuckoldress may not want to be used like a slut or by men that she perceives as inferior, making her very selective.  If you appear to be enjoying it more than she is, that could turn her off.  Real life may not end up imitating internet cuckold porn.

The only cuckold scenarios that I approve of are the female dominated variety.  The cuck is lowest in the pecking order and and the bull is for my enjoyment.  What the cuck wants is irrelevant.  It is about denial, after all. His attempted puppet mastery of the wife and bull have no place in a femdom world.  I don't serve his needs or the bull's, for that matter. The bull can use the cuck for his pleasure, once I am done with him, but they all serve and obey me like good meat puppets.  Since I am the dominant one, the cuck can have my "sloppy seconds" instead of eating bull sauce from me.  There is no reason for the highest and lowest in the pecking order to have any sexual contact.  I don't perform acts that are submissive, or degrading to women.  A cuck, who isn't a true submissive, probably can't handle a female dominant, cuckold situation, where it is all about the woman...because he isn't pulling the strings. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No cream pie for this cuckold

While a cuckold is at the bottom of the food chain, he is still completely unworthy of even touching a pussy with his worthless tongue and cock.  He would enjoy eating a cream pie far too much and his pleasure is of no concern to me.  I would never allow such a pathetic specimen the honor of giving me pleasure, other than with his complete humiliation.  He would have to beg a real man to do it while he kneels to wait for his treat.