Alberta Domina

Images are of lifestyle slaves and personal friends of the Mistresses. All subjects are over 21 years of age, and have given their consent to appear on video and be displayed as property of the dominatrices.

Edmonton Mistress and Lifestyle Dominatrix

I am a wickedly playful mistress, skilled in many aspects of female domination, from tease and denial to expert torture. My interests and talents are many, including various degrees of bondage, device edging and milking, medical fetish, pegging, electrical stimulation, forced bi, verbal and cuckold humiliation.

I have an extensive fetish wardrobe and footwear collection for myself and my precious sissies. My lovely feet are adored by many and I enjoy worship, massages and pedicures from my foot slaves.

I am busty with a slender waist, sculpted stomach, shapely hips, powerful legs and a firm luscious ass . My hourglass figure and strong, voluptuous body makes physically challenging sessions as easy as walking in 7 inch heels.

I have enjoyed many scenes outside the realm of traditional domination and submission including, wrestling, tickle torture and shopping with my sissy girls. My style continues to evolve and the scene often depends on my mood and how the slave inspires me. I am selective and prefer seeing those who fuel the fires of my creativity and wickedness.

Only friends and previous submissives may contact me by texting 587-400-3621. New playmates are vetted through the questionairre on my personal website. Anyone who interrupts my personal or play time, in an attempt to avoid the vetting process will be instantly blocked. If you don't have manners, I don't have time for you.

I am a lifestyle dominatrix and do not offer escort type sexual services or nudity in exchange for money. Please don't insult me or embarrass yourself by asking, when my boundaries are clear.
This is not negotiable.



Dungeon Furniture

  • Bondage Table with Head Stock, Leg Suspension and Cage *new*

  • Suspension Frame with Sit Sling and Laying Sling

  • Elevated Cbt Rope Bondage Chair with F*cking M*chine

  • St. Andrews Cross Inversion Bondage Lacing Table

  • Bondage Spanking Horse and Str*p On Bench

  • Flying Slave Suspension Bondage Board

  • Mistress Throne with G*ld*n Sh*w*r Pan

  • Rope Bondage Spanking Stool with Neck Collar

  • Smother and Hard Sports Box

  • Monkey Rocker Type Self F*ck*ng Device

  • Full Length Rope Bondage Board

  • Altar Boy Kneeling Neck Stock

  • Leather Suspension Cage

  • Rope Bondage Board

  • Shrew's Fiddle

Bdsm Toys

  • Violet Wand and Reverse Technique Probe

  • Extensive Violet Wand Accessories

  • Full compliment of P.E.S Accessories and 2 Power Boxes

  • Mystim and Electrastim Accessories

  • Massive E-Stim CBT Collection Including Sounds

  • Safe Bi/Quad Polar Nipple Electro Play Devices

  • Electro Nipple Suction

  • Electro Pinwheel *new*

  • 8 different electro b*tt plugs *updated*

  • Deep Urethra and An*l Prostate E-Stim

  • 2 CBT Electro Boards

  • Oxballs Electro Sack Sling

  • Electro Humbler

  • Electro/Vibrating/Expanding Plug *new*

  • Quad Polar 2 Way Electro Ball Press

  • Shock Balls Press

  • E-stim Silicone Edging Gloves *new*

  • Silicone and Metal Chastity Devices

  • Metal and Acrylic Electro Chastity Devices *updated*

  • An*l Hook and Electro Anal Hook *new*

  • Shibari Rope

  • Cock lock An*l Intruder

  • Venus 2000 with Optional Electro

  • Sneaky Pete F*ck*ng Machine

  • Portable Mini F*ck*ng Machines

  • Medical Cupping and Electro Cupping

  • Rosebud Sounding Kit

  • Smooth and Textured Electro Sounds

  • Hollow C*m Though Urethral Inserts *updated*

  • Smooth and Textured Vibrating Sounds *updated*

  • An*l Hole Spreader

  • V*ginal and An*l Speculums

  • Surgical Skin Stapler

  • Quality Leather Strait Jacket XL

  • Single Sleeve Leather Armbinder

  • Double Opera Glove Arm Binders

  • Calf Leg Binder

  • Heavy Duty XL/Tall Fetters Leather Sleep Sack *new*

  • Leather Body Bag/Sleep Sack Large

  • Plus Size Scuba Body Bag/Sleep Sack 4XL

  • Spandex Body Bag/Sleep Sack Large

  • Latex Vac Sack/Rubber Sleep Sack 3XL

  • Latex Vac Bed XL w/Breathing Hole

  • Padded Leather Sensory Hood

  • Studio Gum Thick Rubber Hood

  • Puppy Play Hood and Mitts

  • Pony Bridle/Head Piece *new*

  • Neoprene Hoods in M and L

  • Various Leather, Latex and Vinyl Hoods

  • Padded Leather Ankle and Wrist Cuffs

  • Thigh to Wrist Cuffs

  • Velcro Ankle and Wrist Cuffs

  • Leather Fist Mitts

  • Large Padded Pony Hoof/Puppy Paw Mitts *new*

  • Bondage Collar

  • Posture Collar

  • Dog Collar and Leash

  • Israeli Gas Mask and Bubbler Bottle

  • Nipple Tower

  • Parachutes with Weights

  • Nut Cracker CBT Clamp/Vice

  • Bishop Face Harness Gag

  • Ring Gags and Ball Gags

  • Penis Gags/Face Dildo Gag

  • Head Harness/Suspension Restraint

  • Inflatable/Breather Gags

  • Double Fish Hook Gag

  • Nose hook fits with any gag

  • Ball gag/posture collar *new*

  • Gag Set with Serving Plate, Face Dildo and Toilet Brush

  • Face F*cking Vagina Gags

  • Nipple Forceps

  • Various Nipple Suckers/Clamps/Vibes

  • Nipple Sticks

  • Nipple Snake Bites

  • Prickly Nipple Suckers

  • Every Size of Dildo Up to Wtf and Omg

  • Inflatable Dildo *new*

  • Electro Strap On *new*

  • Strap on Harnesses

  • Pr*st*te Massagers

  • Pear of Anguish Expanding Locking Steel Plug *new*

  • Expanding Silicone B*tt Plug *new*

  • Many Styles of An*l Vibes

  • Various Size B*tt Plugs

  • Vibrating and Inflatable B*tt Plugs

  • Leather Butt Plug Harness XL

  • Vibrating Milking Devices with 5 Different Heads Including Forced C*m Eating

  • Beautiful Collection of Whips, Floggers and Paddles

  • Wooden Spanking Brushes

  • Carpet Beater *new*

  • Quality Caning Implements

  • Leather Collars *updated*

  • Steel Slave Collar

  • Vibrating S*ck and F*ck Stick

  • Double Dildos in Large and XX-Large

  • Clamps and Weights*updated*

  • Wood, Bamboo and Plastic Clothes Pins

  • Vampire Gloves

  • Pinwheel and Needling Devices

  • Rough and Fine Abrasion Gloves